Program & Project Management

Integrated Management SOLUTIONS provides your company or agency with Senior Level Technical, Financial and Administrative Project Managers. Our Project Managers are experienced with large scale, multi-million dollar software and hardware system design, development and implementation efforts.

IMS utilizes proven Project Management techniques to meet customer requirements and maintain control over all aspects of the project. IMS initiates a project by defining scope, objectives and the project's critical success factors. Then we support the project through to completion and post project review.

These techniques involve balancing and controlling time, scope, cost and quality to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved on time and within budget. IMS utilizes project planning, measured implementation, and change control to effectively manage and integrate the various elements of a project. IMS utilizes industry standard project management and business process software tools to realize your goals.

IMS PROJECT MANAGEMENT utilizes a well defined project organization structure. A Senior Level Project Manager is assigned and has responsibility for managing a contract resulting from any proposal along with any negotiated changes. Project Management support roles will be defined and established to maintain continuity throughout the project and to support additional management requirements as needed. The project manager is the primary point of management contact within IMS for communications between the parties. The Project Manager is dedicated to your project and will not be changed without prior written notice to and approval by the customer. Our responsibilities and tasks typically include:

Leadership of the Project Technical Staff

  • Assembling Resources with the Goal of Maximizing Commitment, Communications and Performance
  • Provide Intermediary Support Between the Customer and the Project Staff
  • Facilitate Efforts to Avoid Conflicts

Financial Management of all Project Activities

  • Develop Measurement Points
  • Trend Analysis
  • Measurement of Milestone Completions

Administrative Leadership of the Overall Project

  • Define High Level Project Requirements and Specifications (Scope) with the Customer
  • Generate Detailed Task Definitions and Schedules
  • Develop and Implement an Overall Project Deliverables Strategy
  • Define the Project's Critical Success Factors
  • Conduct Risk Analysis and Implement Mitigation Strategies
  • Gain Customer Approval of Technical Approaches
  • Manage Project Integration
  • Manage Vendors and Sub-Contractors
  • Coordinate Project Tasks
  • Monitor Progress Against the Schedule
  • Change Management to Minimize Scope Creep and Avoid Cost Overruns
  • Lead Regularly Scheduled Meetings with the Project Team
  • Conduct Weekly Project Status Review Meetings with the Customer
  • Obtain and Act Upon Customer Feedback
  • Review and Gain Customer Approval of all Contract Deliverables
  • Provide Project Completion Reviews with Project Team Members as well as with the Customer
  • Whitepaper: Significantly Improving Your Project Success Rate (pdf)