Technical Documentation and Customized Training

Integrated Management SOLUTIONS reduces the documentation and training workload on your designers and managers so they can be more productive. We work mostly from manufacturer's data sheets, your schematics and assembly drawings.

Our expertise in documentation and training comes not just from being good at utilizing desktop publishing applications but from years of technical and management experience in the electronics industry. We have generated technical documentation and developed custom training programs for several industries on numerous subjects.

We Produce Targeted Documentation for all Levels

  • Initial customer interface
  • Technicians
  • System Engineers
  • Management

Our experienced Technicians, Systems Engineers, Regionalized Maintenance Facility Managers, and Project Managers analyze your products and networks. Then IMS produces your own Technical Manuals, Training Manuals and Training Materials. We deliver the training and materials to your managers, technical employees and service contractors.


IMS develops training manuals and materials specific to your products and networks. We develop and deliver:

  • technical manuals for custom hardware
  • manufacturer's materials for off-the-shelf equipment
  • user specific information for off-the-shelf equipment and communications networks
  • Power Point © presentations

We supplement or even become your documentation and training departments. Training and documentation go hand-in-hand; however they can be obtained separately.